Rapid PVCu Systems

Recycling plays a significant role in making our industry sustainable, that's why we work with Eurocell and commit to recycle as much as we can.

Rapid PVCU Systems

Eurocell Recycle

As a Eurocell manufacturer, we work closely alongside them as recycling partners as to stay at the forefront of sustainability advances. With Eurocell recycles advanced closed-loop recycling system, old PVC-U and off-cuts from fabrication processes are not just recycled, but turned back into brand new extruded plastic products. This helps us to keep PVC-U out of landfill sites and in productive use for potentially hundreds of years.



PVCU as a material is actually a lot more sustainable than it initially seems, it is robust enough to be recycled up to 10 times without a reduction in quality. Our partners Eurocell recycle,  process up to 70,000 old PVCU window frames per week, or around 39,000 tonnes per year. These frames are then recycled to create profile for our windows and Cavalok systems. Almost 100% of the production waste gets reused in some way.

Sustainability is clearly a huge challenge to meet – and the only way we’re going to succeed for the benefit of future generations is to act positively, right now. The key is doing things differently, in ways that are practical, possible and affordable

Eurocell Recycle

The Eurocell Recycle 9-step factory process

  1. Waste collection
  2. Shredding- Waste is shredded
  3. Separation- using magnates, metals are separated and recycled separately
  4. Granulation- The waste is granulated into a uniform size
  5. Colour sorting- granules of rubber are filtered out and Clean PVCu is colour sorted using high speed cameras and ultraviolet light
  6. Washing- Using a series of water tanks, contaminants are removed
  7. Pelletisation/Pulverisation- The PVCu granules are processed into finished material
  8. Bulk transportation- around 35% of the recycled material is used onsite, the rest is transported to Eurocell’s main extrusion factory
  9. Extrude finished products- the loop is closed as the PVCu is recycled into new products
Rapid PVCu Systems

Our Recycling Partners, Eurocell

Our partners, Eurocell, work alongside all sizes of business in the installation and fabrication industry; collecting even the smallest amounts of waste is not a problem. Even if there are just 30 to 40 frames to dispose of, that’s fine. Eurocell-Recycle is a national service, running a large fleet of vehicles with their own recycling plant.