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Cavity Closers

As a Eurocell manufacturer we produce Cavalok Cavity Closers. These are manufactured from 100% post-consumer PVCu and improves thermal efficiency performance

Cavity closers have become a critical and compulsory building component used in all new-build projects to seal apertures in cavity walls.

Our range focuses on rigid, frame-forming cavity closers which combine several essential features into just one product.

Developed over the last ten years the Cavalok system is used for cavities of 50-150mm in all cavity wall situations. Available with diverse fit and profile options the Cavalok system is comprehensive and cost-effective.

The system is easy to fabricate into a brick-laying template enabling a guaranteed window fit and clean, thermally efficient wall finish.

Cavalok closure is fully compatible with PVCu, wood, metal and composite windows, available for severe and very severe weather applications and BBA approved as a closer and acceptor.


Benefits include

  • Dramatically speed-up and improve bricklaying by using the pre-made cavity frame as a template, guaranteeing the opening size.
  • Integrate the closing of the cavity and DPC into the building process from the beginning.
  • Enhance CO2 emission performance with the thermal break and secure insulation created by a Cavalok closed wall junction.



At RPS we manufacture consistently high quality Eurocell BFRC B Rated windows as standard.

Prevention of heat loss from buildings is an extremely important way of helping to reduce carbon emissions. In 2002 the government revised Part L of the Building regulations which set the standards for energy efficiency in buildings.

3.5 million tonnes of CO2 is wasted through poorly insulated windows in UK homes each year, that’s 28% of all UK CO2 emissions.


French Doors

French doors from RPS create an eye-catching addition to any home or conservatory, flooding the interior with natural light and providing an essential link between home and garden.

They add value and improve the look of any home and are ideal for conservatories. Quick and easy to install, our French doors are available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes to suit any style of home.

Cavity Closers
Georgian bar window
Composite door
Our Product Range

Composite Doors

At RPS we take pride in our composite doors. Only the best quality materials available are used in their manufacture. With this being a revolutionary new product in the market place we would like to highlight the key benefits of composite doors

  • The grain effect replicates a traditional timber door
  • The door leaf has a 10 year guarantee and has been tested in all weather conditions
  • Choice of 5 colours and 2 woodgrain effects
  • Crisp mouldings on panels & sculptured glazing cassette
  • Much more thermally efficient than a timber door
  • U-values from 0.9 W/m2k
  • Fully reinforced dedicated uPVC outer frame
  • Choice of glass designed to meet your requirements
  • Bearing slim line butt hinge (as a wooden door)
Our Products

A touch of colour

Available in a large range of colours allowing customers to match their windows to the age and style of the property Standard colours include White, Cream, Rosewood, Light Oak Customers can mix and match, for example; opting for a woodgrain finish to the exterior and white on the inside.