Our Promise

Our Promise

We focus on the people in any transaction to understand we can develop the talent within the businesses.

We operate a buy-and-build approach involving acquisitions, integration and growth strategies. As such we understand how the challenges and emotions that business owners face related to succession planning and we recognise that owners, families and companies can need to refocus periodically. The team at MGI have strong corporate backgrounds with practical real-life experience which allows us to work within transactions to develop trust and openness with direct communication, quick responses, flexibility and transparency.


We are open for exploring opportunities and to hear your story

We are interested to hear about the development of your business and the legacy you are leaving, we want to understand your journey so we can work together to find a suitable exit and plan a future trajectory. We recognise your business is not necessarily for sale but a discussion may find a suitable compromise.  MGI promises to work with our partners to develop and deliver products and services that adds real value to our clients, whilst ensuring we take full ownership for social responsibility, environmental impact and the health & safety of all, throughout the journey.

Case study- Barton WIndows

Building a better future

MGI was directly approached by the owners of Barton Windows when they realised that the business needed new leadership and ambition to move to the next level. MGI worked with the owners to understand the business operations and capacity, their expectations and their legacy, then developed the strategic plan for an acquisition and in integration to achieve substantial growth for the long-term future of the employees and the business. From initial meeting to contractual close this deal was completed in around 12 weeks.

MGI Completes Acquisition of Barton Windows